Online Learning Session: Active hope in dark times

vrijdag 1 maart 2024 , 12:30 - 14:00 uur

With an abundance of bad news, cold, and short days, winter can also weigh heavily upon us. To counteract this, we will practice ‘‘active hope’’ in the upcoming regenerative learning sessions and prepare ourselves for the arrival of spring! 🙌🏽🌱”

The ‘Work that Reconnects’ is a deep ecology practice developed by Eco-Philosopher, Joanna Macy. This practice gives you the tools to practice active hope✨ in order to reclaim your lives, your communities, our planet and to respond creatively to the crises that we face. 

During this session Martine Doppen, a trainer in the Work that Reconnects and activist in the fields of decolonisation, climate justice and eco-feminisms, will explain the work that reconnects and we will go through various exercises together.

You can sign up here!

This session is organized by the Regeneration Coöperation. A collective of entrepreneurs and scientists, coaches, and artists who are actively committed to a regenerative society in which all people see themselves and behave as part of nature. Because we believe that by removing the imaginary boundary between humans and nature, all life on this earth can flourish once again.


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