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n 2014 Mirthe Dokter (Dutch, living in Arnhem and Brussels) graduated from ArtEZ School of the Arts, music theatre department, with a minor in Fine Arts. After her degree, she worked as a theatre maker, visual artist and singer. As a trans disciplinary maker, she combines painting, ceramics, analogue projections, film, movement, research and singing. Mirthe puts a spotlight on hidden subjects in film, exhibitions or on stage. The visitor is always part of the performance, as participating viewer or maker. In her work she looks for collaboration with scientists and with marginalized social groups. Mirthe made the following performances on various European stages: ‘Leatherback’ (a solo about a sea turtle conservation team in Ghana), ‘STRIJD’ and ‘De Balts’ (2018 and 2021, scientific comedies on animal behavior with Tim Hammer) and ‘Kijk, ik zoek!’ (2016, a live painted picture book about a refugee). 
In 2018 she won the young makers price/Puppet International and in 2019 she won the Ruth van der Steenhoven-prijs/NVP-Unima. Since 2020 Mirthe works on her social-artistic installation 'het volk der introverten' with several museums. Since 2018 Mirthe is working on an artistic research about a sea turtle conservation team in West-Africa. Together with filmmaker Rian van den Boom and scientist Marjolijn Christianen she made her first documentary about this research. Mirthe will exchange the docu with the people in Ghana/West-Africa in July 2023. She will continue her research, working on part two of the documentary in animation, with film production house Graphoui in Brussels. She connects the docu with conservation- and nature associations, such as research groups, WWF and the international sea turtle symposium. She calls herself an ecology-artist: researching ecology issues in an artistic way, together with scientists, using artistic storytelling. Since 2022 Mirthe works on a panorama painting of 100 meters about the feeling of getting used to a new place/situation.

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